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Full 5D mark II kit for 90 per day!
Why not shoot on RED, Click the logo for the RED page
RED One Kit Hire
5D Mark THREE is here!
This is THE place to hire the Canon 5D Mark ii AND Mark iii. For just £90 you will get EVERYTHING you need to shoot with:  

5D mkII or mkiii with L Lens, Memory cards, Fluid Head Tripod, Condensing Mic or Radio Mic.
Now it's time to start shooting like a DOP, and use the enormous Full frame 5D sensor to get some truly amazing images. So come on - give us a call!

Manchester 5D Hire
The Original, and Best

• Just £90 Per Day! (INCLUDING VAT)

• 24 - 105mm Canon L Lens Included

• Fluid Head Tripod + Mic Included

• 24 / 7 Technical Support

Manchester 5D Mark II Camera Hire
City Centre Location